General Instructions

1. All the quizzes are real-time based and start at the scheduled time slot and ends after the quiz time is over. After that results are declared with detailed analysis of the quiz and Leaderboard with ranks and prizes won. The candidate can only play the quiz during respective scheduled slot.

2. Participate in each quiz by paying the predefined Entry fee.

3. Enter in the quiz at the scheduled time by clicking the “Start” button.

4. On entering the quiz, select the Language option (English or Hindi). The default language selected is English. In case language is not selected, the quiz will start in default language i.e. English. For this 8 seconds (fixed) have been allotted.

5. If the user fails to starts the quiz at scheduled time and start as late as the start of the quiz, he will start the quiz as far ahead as the time elapses from question 1.

6. Every quiz is divided into 2 time slots: ‘Question reading time’ and ‘Answer attempting time’. Answer attempting time will appear after the Question reading time is over.

7. During answer attempting time, question will continue to be displayed.

8. Each question is to be answered within allotted time period as displayed in the timer bar (bar turns complete Red with time shown in seconds in reverse order). If no option is selected during this period, the question will be marked as Un-attempted/Left.

9. There is only single correct answer for each question.

10. You can also leave the question unanswered and wait for the timer to finish after which next question will appear.

11. Sequentially attempt all the questions to finish the quiz. There is no option to exit the quiz in-between. One can exit the Quiz by closing the App. You can rejoin the same quiz again by going to “My Quiz” section and clicking on the start button of the quiz. Kindly note, you will enter the quiz at the question that is live at that time.

12. After the quiz is finished, detailed analysis of your performance along with your rank and prize won is displayed.

Marking scheme

1. Each question carries Maximum 10 marks for right answer and Minimum -1 marks for wrong answer.

2. No marks will be given or deducted for un-attempted/Left question and 0 marks will be awarded against it in the final analysis table.

3. Marks are calculated by this formula.

For Right Answer

Marks= [10 - (Time taken by candidate to select answer of the question in seconds corrected upto 2 decimal places)/1000]

For Wrong Answer

Marks= [-1 - (Time taken by candidate to select answer of the question in seconds corrected upto 2 decimal places)/1000]

4. The total score for the quiz is based on your responses to all questions in the Quiz.