About CrowIQ

There is an old saying for students “Kak Cheshta Vako Dhyanam”. CrowIQ attempts to fulfil the same. The quiz designed for contests test both knowledge and attentiveness of the participants. Our vision is to promote spread of knowledge and at the same time provide financial opportunity to all.

CrowIQ is run by CrowIQ Pvt. Ltd. Any user in our platform can win prizes by participating and scoring in quiz contests. To make it accessible to all, every quiz is drafted in both Hindi and English languages and contests are available throughout the day and in multiple categories. This will enable the users to participate as per his/her areas of interest and time of convenience.

CrowIQ was started by four founders to address the financial problem faced during student life. One aspect of preparation that always made them wonder was that what was the ultimate use of all the knowledge and facts that everyone was continuously trying to memorize. These definitely help them score better in examination but what about after that. What is the use of this magnum data to those who are not getting selected? What about those individuals who are reading newspaper and magazines and watching news everyday to boost their knowledge? All these questions led to the idea that how this plethora of knowledge can be utilized to earn financial independence.

CrowIQ was launched in 2021 with the vision and firm belief in the concept of “Knowledge is Power”. In pursuit of the same, we have designed our product, CrowIQ, to solve the dual purpose of knowledge and financial empowerment. Our Traditional system of education, though efficient in imparting knowledge (more precisely factual knowledge), falls short of guiding them to become a well informed and responsible citizen. CrowIQ aims to fill this gap by our Unique patented technology and thereby helping them to become a more informed Citizen. At the same time, we are empowering them financially using the same knowledge that is already being used to make their ways in professional fields. It aims at bringing everyone to a platform where education can be used to learn and earn.

Our Vision

CrowIQ relieves individuals to speculate “Kak chesta bako dhyanam”, an old whispering which envisages broadening the purpose of spreading knowledge and preparing them to be independent.

Our Mision

Giving arms to the unfolding dreams of 7crore students to earn while they learn by taking part in quizzes that assess the right knowledge, timely concentration and mindful alertness; thereby recharging the gap of education and financial independence.

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